BuyMusic doesn’t work

Jennifer of scriptygoddess reviews the new website. She has problem after problem after problem. This is a very technically able person. If she can’t get the site to work for her, it’s basically unusable.
scriptygoddess product review: – BUYER BEWARE!!!
Here’s the other thing I love about the web – user comments that are WAY MORE INFORMATIVE than anything else you’d ever get. Like this one in that same thread:

I used to work with which spawned from. Their “customer service” reps are not qualified to answer any technical questions…or any questions for that matter. They are not educated in the field. They are waiters, out of work actors, etc…people who just needed a minimum wage job. If your question cannot be answered by their canned responses, it cannot be answered by them. Congrats on the refund, you are lucky you got that!

UPDATE: The inimitable Matt Haughey weighs in with a great parody. I should also mention that BuyMusic seems to have violated copyrights by selling online music from Orchard Distribution artists who never agreed to that distribution scheme (I met those guys in NYC- seemed slimy to me then and now.)

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Well, that effectively scared me off, but I am curious to see how Apple Music Store’s customer service handles questions.

So I decided to go ahead and try despite the warning of Scriptygoddess. Unfortunately I am experiencing problems as I type. I purchased several songs on 9/13 and still haven’t gotten them all to work yet. Some of them work – but only half. I am having an issue with getting the licenses. I downloaded the songs but only a few went out and got the licenses, the rest say there are no more licenses for the songs. Well of course I paid for all of the songs but can only listen to the ones with licenses. So far I’ve gotten two canned emails – one saying they got my problem and the next saying it was being escalated. Yea right – I haven’t heard anything since and it’s still not working. I don’t think I will be using this service again. Now I have to go call my credit card company to dispute the charges so I can get my money back on the songs that aren’t working. What a pain – listen to scriptygodess and STAY AWAY FROM BUYMUSIC.COM.

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