Month: July 2003

Wow. Wholesale changes of news sites to weblogs. InfoWorld TechWatch via Anil

Hmm…so internal weblogs, tied to Outlook via RSS and Newsgator. None of these pieces are new, but together they make for something much more interesting than each of the parts. NewsGator Case Study: Triple Point Technology via Sippey

A quick link to Joi’s post on his day of silence reminded me of my trips to the desert which were often a day of silence for me. Joi Ito’s Web: Arrived in Aspen

This is the text of a cogent/intelligent article by Bruno Giussani of the WSJ Europe on camera cellphones and the increasing loss of privacy. Some interesting thoughts from this are: – “when will people become ‘phone-shy’ as they may be …

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Jennifer of scriptygoddess reviews the new website. She has problem after problem after problem. This is a very technically able person. If she can’t get the site to work for her, it’s basically unusable. scriptygoddess product review: – …

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