Month: June 2003

Darrell Whitten on Japanese stockholders

Every week, Darrell Whitten puts out a high-quality newsletter on Japanese finance and the state of affairs in the Japanese economy. Each week there is a different focus within finance, but his writing is accessible and his analysis cogent and

The Supaaaa Sushi Race!

What kind of a Japan-blog doesn’t link to’s Supaaaa Sushi Race! It’s omoshiroi! tokidoki v2.0 – The Supaaaa Sushi Race

Minidoka Internment Camp, Idaho

The New York Times covers a 60 year reunion of Japanese-Americans who were interned at Minidoka Relocation camp in Idaho during World War II. Her family had no idea where they were going, she said. Her father, a restaurant worker,

Internet Pundit Camp

San Helifino, CA /DenounceNewswire/ — 28 June 2003 — Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live in the world of Internet Punditry? Do you dream of meeting and learning from the legends of the web? Is

Google Toolbar blogs?

This is brilliant! What a great idea! It’s like Reese’s “two great tastes that taste great together.” However, I doubt the bloging functionality with worth with anything but Blogger. Nevertheless, it is a great new feature. Google tweaks toolbar to