2 Comments on “Japan: restrictive donations

  1. This an interesting index that this list is based on (CGD/FP Commitment to Development Index), as it applies a “corrective” to simply donating tons of money (which Japan ranks 2nd in, after the US), which of course on the face of it would seem so admirable. Whether intentional policy or simply a by-product, it would seem that Japan is so donation-happy in part to keep the outside world at bay (ie. “if we give money to Iraq, perhaps we won’t have to deal with Iraqis seeking refuge here)…. I get the impression that among Japanese (well, at least my in-laws and many students I talk to), there is a strong feeling that Japan gives too much aid, especially during these times of recession after recession. But they, like the Japanese government itself, are only looking at the small picture. Surveys like this are important to get a wider view and are especially important now as Japan contemplates aid packages for Iraq.

  2. sorry to comment on an old post (and double up on my previous comment to boot), but just read this editorial from Asahi: “Restructure Japan’s ODA to improve its quality” (http://www.asahi.com/english/op-ed/K2003051500223.html)
    It’s obvious that its author, nor Sadako Ogata for that matter, hasn’t read the above-mentioned “committment to development” index.