Month: May 2003

Mindjack: Taste Tribes

Joshua Ellis (of both ZenArchery and MarginWalker) writes about ‘taste tribes’ in Mindjack. I’ve been using Usenet and mailing lists and the ‘net in general to find the people that share my arcane interests (deep house music, or dual-purpose/supermotard motorcycles,

20six – EU weblog service

Need to explore some more. European weblog/MMS service with moblogging as well. 20six – Your own personal weblog. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s mobile. Keep your journal up-to-date on the move with MMS

Hotwired Japan on Blogs

Hotwired Japan does a good overview of blogs for a Japanese audience. I can’t read it all but I think that one of the SFC Keio University bloggers does some of the writing and they cover the NYC Bloggers (I

Food Poisoning Japan: Snow

I don’t like pointing people to news like this but it is important that we understand that as long as the government does not keep the interests of it’s people first and foremost, individuals (and their right) will continue to

Visitors to New York City…

Awesome disclaimer for those visiting New York City from out of town 🙂 Craigs List: For those visiting from out of town DISCLAIMER: The phrases “Oh÷we’re in the big city now!” or “I better not do that while IÌm in