Month: April 2003

BW on WiFi

GlennF covers the BW articles on WiFi. I had a chance to try NTT DoCoMo’s FOMA 3G service when I moved to Japan but the handsets are pricey and the service is pricey and I’m doing just fine with a

Sony’s Roomlink panned

Sony fails to connect with RoomLink no comment

Japan’s insular immigration policies

Please read Joi Ito’s post on his talk at the ACCJ and then my comments, and then this article at the China Post. It’s all linked… The China Post – Insular Japan remains reluctant to open country’s doors to refugees

Google buys Applied Semantics

I’m not sure what this is all about. Can someone please enlighten me? Applied Semantics’ products are based on its patented CIRCA technology, which understands, organizes, and extracts knowledge from websites and information repositories in a way that mimics human

Geoff Cohen’s new blog

Please visit Geoff Cohen’s new blog- Coherence Engine. Geoff- welcome to the world of blogs 🙂 Coherence Engine