Month: April 2003

bike notes

Motorcycle & Woman (D-Tracker & Supermotard) MotoAvanti The Brake Shop (in Ota-ku) A nice DR-Z400 (supermoto-modified) A nice KLX250

Apple’s new stuff!

Sony can’t seem to get it’s act straight even though they are a consumer electronics company that owns a music company. The reason they can’t get this stuff right is because Sony doesn’t do software (other than firmware) well. Once Sony starts doing software well (and there are many hurdles to that) then it may be too late?

Jared Diamond on group decision making

Phenomenal essay/speech by UCLA Geographer(!) Jared Diamond. This is why I love the Internet. Edge 114 – WHY DO SOME SOCIETIES MAKE DISASTROUS DECISIONS?: JARED DIAMOND

Nikkei 20 year low: month 2

I have this strong feeling of deja vu Mainichi Interactive – Nikkei ends at 20-year low on ‘Sony shock’

Philip Greenspun on outliners

Philip has some interesting ideas about using outliners and blogs to hold politicians more accountable to their promises. The challenge is that blogging wont be that popular for quite some time, but the early bloggers will get the majority of