El Bulli, Roses, Costa Brava, Spain

Holy moly. This review at eGullet (ugly name makes French Laundry seem like a trip to the corner McD.
Thirty courses, five and one half hours: El Bulli

2 comments on “El Bulli, Roses, Costa Brava, Spain
  1. Robert Braam says:

    What a fantastic experience!!!!!!! I have a reservation on Sunday the 8th of June and after reading your review of your 30 course dinner I’m even look more forward to it!!!
    Robert Braam
    The Netherlands

  2. We managed to get a table in June 2003
    Unbelieveable. Anyone remotely interested in food must try and get in.
    You really need to go twice as the first is such a shock to all the senses you can’t take it all in.
    At about £100 stirling its the bargain of the century