Apple’s new stuff!

I debated whether to buy a new PowerBook before I came to Japan and decided that the 17″ was too big and the 12″ doesnt come with a PCMCIA adapter slot. The slot is a big deal for me for expansion as we move towards future wireless standards as well as my Echo Indigo Audio card.
So I’m still without a Mac even though I want one and an iPod desperately. I guess I will wait until they ship the new 15″ AlBook with the Radeon 9600- in May?
My problem with the music service is that there’s no way that Apple would ever have the obscure dance music stuff that I love, so it’s a moot point for me. I’ll keep on buying vinyl and CDs and ripping my own collections.
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1 Comment on “Apple’s new stuff!

  1. FWIW, I am just cracking open my brand new 5 GB iPod I purchased a year cause I just got a combo drive iBook. The new iPod looks nice, but I think Apple could have upgraded it differently (read: better ).
    Kepp doin’ vinyl and ripping, I doubt you will find Jazzanova, Koop, or Vikter Duplaix on the music service 🙂