Month: April 2003

Hydra collaboration via Rendezvous

In the link below, Clay writes about Hydra, a new collaborative editing software for Mac using Rendezvous. This is very cool social software! Social Software – Hydra: Social editing at ETech

Bondy Curry

ok, I’m definitely hungry now… Chowhound’s International Message Board: Bondy Curry in Jimbocho, Tokyo

Playa Del Carmen

This is for JK 🙂 Chowhound’s International Message Board: Playa del Carmen report, from fancy to pork taco stands

El Bulli, Roses, Costa Brava, Spain

Holy moly. This review at eGullet (ugly name makes French Laundry seem like a trip to the corner McD. Thirty courses, five and one half hours: El Bulli

Mara Bodis-Wollner

I went to high-school with Mara and we were on the swim team together for many years as well. Great to see her showing her work. I wish I could have been there to see it myself. mara bodis-wollner via