Month: January 2003

Booz Allen Buys Gemini

Booz Allen Buys Gemini Consulting Japan, Doubling Size of Tokyo Operation Booz Allen Hamilton, the big management consulting company, announced it acquired Gemini Consulting Japan in a move that will double the size of its Tokyo operation. Booz Allen said

Voice over IP

Net phone hang-ups looming? – Tech News – Incumbent phone companies are not worried about startup VoIP company. Sleep deeply dear Bell companies…sleep deeply.

Mark Berman on Japan wireless telecom

Wireless Watch Japan – Tokyo Analyst: 2003 Wireless Outlook Mark was a senior when I was a freshman in college. It’s great to see him working in Japan. I hope to catch up with him this spring. G

Bob Frankston on US spectrum policy

Bob Frankston – Prior Restraint It’s as if we were having a party and someone came into the room and told everyone to be quiet and gave out pieces of paper with a time and a place telling each person

How to stay warm in NYC

The Morning News – The Non-Expert: Freaking Cold via Gawker