Month: January 2003

Slate blogs Joi Ito

Wired editor Chris Anderson is blogging his Davos experience at Slate. He sat next to Nobuyuki Idei of Sony at the Japan dinner at Davos. Today he covers Joi Ito’s performance as MC of the Japan dinner. I wish I

Gen’s Discogs is a compendium of electronic music. I’m using it to begin to track my music collection. It’s VERY COOL and I love the interface and it’s crazy how comprehensive it is already. I’ve recently updated my collection so please

This is my next laptop – New PowerBook To Have 15.4″ LCD Yeah! Let’s hope it arrives before April.

SQL worm hits Redmond

NY Times – Worm Hits Microsoft, Which Ignored Own Advice The frantic message came from the corporation’s information technology workers: “HELP NEEDED: If you have servers that are nonessential, please shut down.” … But this wasn’t happening at just any

Japan’s Problems Draw Yawns in Davos

Japan’s Problems Draw Yawns in Davos; China Becomes New Focus Japan’s problems seem to have drawn little but yawns from participants in this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, while China’s growing presence on the world economic stage became the