Year: 2003

Japan’s Empire of Cool

The Washington Post published what is essentially a review of Douglas McGray’s May 2002 article in Foreign Policy Magazine, “Japan’s Gross National Cool.” That article has created a wave of media surrounding the idea that Japan is exporting a lot

Ethnically Ambiguous

The NYT has an interesting article on the increasing demand for, and prominence of, people of mixed racial backgrounds. This is a welcome and interesting trend in my opinion – a hope that this may be evidence of the fact

Sogo, Mizushima, debts repaid

“Oh, that $84 million debt that I guaranteed with my own money, I was JUST JOKING!” No dammit, pay up sucker! Yahoo! News – Tokyo court orders former Sogo boss to pay 84 million dollars to creditor

Expert warned US re: mad cow

This is the kind of article that just makes one so angry at our government, especially the part about the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who tried to warn the Secretary of Agriculture, Ann Veneman. I’ll bet she had listened to him

PEW Internet Report

New PEW Internet Report on US online users and their activities. Pew Internet & American Life Project: America’s Online Pursuits: The changing picture of who’s online and what they do