Month: December 2002

I’m off to Tokyo for 8 days to visit family and do a bit of work as well. I’ll be checking email, so that’s the best way to get ahold of me. Yahoo! Weather – Tokyo

Tissue-san is the hot new character from downmarket Sanrio competitor San-X. I know it’s been covered extensively by everyone already but I wanted to mention him. Koge-pan comes from the same wackos.

Photography at a Crossroads: View from the Window at Le Gras “It’s so easy to lose information,” says Stulik. He likens the arrival of digital cameras to the introduction of Gutenberg’s moveable-type printing process in 1455. “Everything changed,” says Stulik. …

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The Japan Times Online – What are Japan’s teens on about? If you invite a friend to sutabaru, it means to patronize Starbucks. Likewise, you can find teens who makuru over to McDonald’s, dotoru at Doutour, deniru at Denny’s and …

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Spring Desktop Web Productivity Looking very cool for OS X. I won’t miss not having my software I’ll imagine… review