4 comments on “Monday Michiru interview
  1. Fresh! says:

    Thanks for thr ref. I love everything done by MAW, and Monday Michiru is highly favored here , as Bluey has some production credits…
    Happy New Year!

  2. Fresh! says:

    sorry, here = here

  3. Fresh says:

    grrr! bad blog day.. here = http://www.incognito.org.uk

  4. Geo says:

    Hey Gen –
    Happy New Year.
    I finally got the two Atjazz releases on Mantis(‘Labfunk’ & ‘Labresults’) . Fantastic stuff – if you can find them, grab them. Jazzanova flavored -but leaning more live performance. Also hot in my rotation right now is the promo only Rae & Christian ‘Nocturnal Activity’ which is the ‘Sleepwalking’ Remix album (K7!). The lads do their own slamming cover of Flashlight.
    Picked up a new Beringher battle mixer, rewired the studio, and the Pioneer CDJ’s are a breath away. I’m going to be hooking up a multimedia party at Pianos on Ludlow Street in the next week or so – if you know anyone who has some original ambient visual footage on DVD and would like to have it screened, send them my way (macadam@nyc.com). I’m projecting DVD with a live DJ performance soundtrack. Stay tuned for detail…
    Till then –