Hyderabad booming

NY Times – A High-Tech Fix for One Corner of India

Hyderabad, home to about 6.6 million people, has become a green, prosperous hub for computer programming, telephone call centers and drug manufacturing. But most of the state’s 76 million people still live in rural villages where change has been slow, and where a two-year drought has brought considerable suffering.
Andhra Pradesh is nonetheless becoming an international model for certain public policies. Some involve little details, like using automation to cut the time needed to get a new driver’s license to two hours from two days, or quintupling the number of trees in Hyderabad to make it one of India’s greenest, most livable cities.

One of my Japanese friends is planning to move to India to teach Japanese to Indian programmers and IT service people so that they can extend their market beyond the US to other nations. This will be very interesting to watch.

2 comments on “Hyderabad booming
  1. Fazal Majid says:

    Japanese involvement with India is not a recent phenomenon. My parents are both originally from Hyderabad, and over forty years ago my grandmother used to have a Japanese tenant named Ichiro Ishii who was studying the history and economics of what used to be an pseudo-independent princely state before Indian independence.
    I met him in Chiba, Japan (near Yokohama), in the mid-eighties, and he had assembled in his house one of the largest archives of public and historical documents on Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh.

  2. Mithi Chinoy says:

    I have jsut read your message regarding your grandmother’s Japanese tennant in Hyderabad. I am a Hyd-based journalist and am wondering if this person is still here and if I could interview him.
    Pl reply at your earliest.