Cable Telephone

NY Times – Phone Calls on the Cable Bill

Additional services that take full advantage of digital technology are on the horizon. While it will still be invisible to consumers, a new generation of cable modems will be able to break voice traffic into packets using Internet protocol (IP) technology, just as e-mail messages are handled.

Slowly, steadily, the telcos and Bell company business models are being attacked. If you have the choice between DSL and cable for your broadband, I’d recommend cable for the reason that you can try these new cable-based services and cancel your phone line if you want to. If you go DSL, you’ll always have to keep a phone line.

2 comments on “Cable Telephone
  1. patricia walker says:

    please send more info on (IP)cable phones. is to start is there a service yet or a program i can install?

  2. Neil Kennedy says:

    Is there anything available to allow phone calls by cable?