Month: November 2002

Tim Clark’s new list

Tim Clark, of the Japan Internet Report has a new mailing list/site on entrepreneurship in Japan (needed critically by Japanese & non-Japanese alike) at Debut report here Good stuff like this: The basic differences between Japanese and U.S. venture

Michalski on the Dimensions of Communication

Jerry Michalski, my friend and mentor, has gone back to basics to evaluate communications technology in his recent wiki post. All the communication technologies we use — telephones, newspapers, radio, IM, e-mail, mailing lists, TV, books — are mired in

Justin Hall on wireless blogging

Justin Hall has a good piece on how broader wireless will help expand and redefine weblogging and news gathering. He manages to coherently pull together all these important events (below) and news points into a compelling arguement for the greater

Textism’s Refer

Textism – Refer tool for weblogs Very cool! Must install!

defectiveyeti on Thanksgiving

defective yeti – The Story of Thanksgiving The Pilgrims who landed on Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620, had a hard life ahead of them. Their first winter was devastating, and by the following fall they had lost 46 of