Month: November 2002

FEER on digicams

FEER – Picturing The Future The Japanese firms that dominate the digital-camera industry are slugging it out in the world’s hottest consumer-electronics market. Here’s a guide to what will ultimately make or break the big players Here’s my situation- please

O’Reilly Editors on the future

O’Reilly – Are Rich Clients Taking Off or Tanking? Bruce Epstein: XML is more like basic research into physics, like the Manhattan project, whereas Macromedia is more like a chemistry lab trying to refine gun powder or invent TNT. On

Alex Kerr @ Japan Society

Alex Kerr, author of “Dogs & Demons” is speaking tonight at the Japan Society (IN JAPANESE!) I’ll be there with friends and family and will review the speech later (no wireless at JS…) Alex Kerr, author of Dogs and Demons:

Clay Shirky on P2P, DNA and privacy

Clay Shirky’s newest thoughts …in the database world the new challenge is not a single unified database, but rather decentralized interoperability, interoperability brought about by a single universally used ID. The ID is DNA. The interoperability comes from the curious

09.11.01 the movie

Salon – The 9/11 movie Hollywood won’t let you see Two months after it was ready for release, and after it screened at high-profile international film festivals in Venice and Toronto, “11’09″01,” the French-produced movie about the international repercussions of