Japan’s Mens Movement

NY Times – Teaching Japan’s Salarymen to Be Their Own Men
Feeling suffocated by his father’s emotional distance and depressed by the idea that he was expected to follow in his dad’s footprints, Mr. Toyoda fled the family business for a spell of travel in the United States. While there he discovered feminism and reflected on the role of men in his own society.

“Eventually, I realized that the problems I was suffering didn’t come from me, but rather from Japan’s traditional patriarchy,” he said. “Traditionally, Japanese men don’t attach importance to their family life at all. I, for one, hardly ever had a proper conversation with my father.”

What many of them do share with their Western counterparts is a feeling that men must find a way to be both vigorous and sensitive. This starts by rediscovering life outside the workplace, sharing time with their families and, above all, learning Û often for the first time Û how to communicate personal thoughts.

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One comment on “Japan’s Mens Movement
  1. Richard Ford says:

    I support this man but fail to see what his search has to do with feminism. Feminists will typicaly dismiss men and our feelings as being somehow less valid than our own.
    In family law they are the enemies of men and families, seeking to deny men contact with their own children.