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FEER – Picturing The Future
The Japanese firms that dominate the digital-camera industry are slugging it out in the world’s hottest consumer-electronics market. Here’s a guide to what will ultimately make or break the big players
Here’s my situation- please help me if you have any thoughts. I own a lot of Nikon equipment, but as the article states, Nikon’s a tad bit behind on the competition. I like the Canon stuff the most but buying into a new brand seems stupid at a basic level. I could get a Nikon D100 but the problems with dust on the CCD are not one that I want to deal with just yet unless we can clean them ourselves. I’ll also mention that I could get a discount on the Sony stuff but HATE the 128MB limit on the storage when SD memory is now up to 3 GB.
One scary thought is that there probably won’t be another professional-level film camera from any of the majors except maybe Leica. I still believe that we need more resolution than even the 11MP Canon 1Ds to come close to a ISO 50 Velvia slide and a good drum scan.
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  1. CompactFlash reached 3GB, SD hasn’t yet. Of course, your digicam firmware needs to support FAT32 to leverage flash cards over 2GB, most don’t (yet).