09.11.01 the movie

Salon – The 9/11 movie Hollywood won’t let you see
Two months after it was ready for release, and after it screened at high-profile international film festivals in Venice and Toronto, “11’09″01,” the French-produced movie about the international repercussions of Sept. 11, can’t get no respect in the U.S. Dubbed “stridently anti-American” by Variety, the movie is in distribution limbo despite the participation of hot international directors such as Mira Nair (“Monsoon Wedding”), Alejandro Gonz∑lez I“∑rritu (“Amores Perros”) and Danis Tanovic (“No Man’s Land”).
Yet another reason to despise the Bush government. If we Americans cannot understand how we are perceived outside of America, we cannot be a good global citizen.

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  1. Hey Gen –
    Just checking out your weblog for more music recommendations, and found this entry REALLY interesting… After alot of searching for information on this release (very little of which is in English) I have come to the conclusion that in order to ever see this movie I’ll have to be in a foreign country. (It’s interesting how little information is available about it.) Have you seen it, or do you know where it might be available to view? I’m quite intrigued, and would definately be down to unearth a little dirt around it… Let me know your thoughts –