Month: November 2002

Hello Kitty to save 3G?

CommsDesign – Hello Kitty may be key to 3G success And for 3G, Bergqvist said, “We as an industry have not, by and large, been able to create something that is transportable from one operator to another. We have not

Smoking ban in Japan

NY Times – Get Off Those Sidewalks, Smokers, and Go Inside Health-conscious Americans might suspect the new rules are an effort to shield nonsmokers from secondhand smoke, or to put a dent in cancer rates. But to Japanese critics, the

India vs. China

NY Times – Once a Close Economic Rival of China, India Falls Behind The Indian economy has a few genuine bright spots. Pockets of high-tech prosperity have popped up in two southern cities, Bangalore and Hyderabad. These have benefited from

Sushi Seki NYC

NY Times – Sushi With Respect for Past and Present Eric Asimov’s review of Sushi Seki- sounds good!

Japan’s Mens Movement

NY Times – Teaching Japan’s Salarymen to Be Their Own Men Feeling suffocated by his father’s emotional distance and depressed by the idea that he was expected to follow in his dad’s footprints, Mr. Toyoda fled the family business for