Training owls

Reuters – Harry Potter Is Movie Pinnacle for Owl Trainer
Asked to single out his greatest achievement, he said “Getting the owls to retrieve stuff, pick it up and carry it. It has never been done before. Everybody thought we were nuts but we pulled it off. I keep patting myself on the back about that.”
How cool is that? The owls got excited to go to work every day. Makes them almost seem human 🙂

4 Comments on “Training owls

  1. owls… they scare me the way they turn their head 360 degrees. besides, they feed on field mice and …rabbits! die owls! die!

  2. Hi,
    I think if you did a little research on owls, you’d see how valuable they are to your life!
    It would only take a few minutes to educate yourself, and that way you wouldn’t sound so silly leaving messages like that…

  3. owls actually only turn their heads 270′ not 360. and they dont really eat rabbits. In the wild they eat Voles, in captivity its mice or various types of chicks.