Month: October 2002

Japanese may fumble bank reform again

USA Today: Japanese may fumble bank reform again Oh really? I’m so surprised NY Times: Showdown Over Japanese Banking Reform The Japanese public is more skeptical of Mr. Takenaka, however. If Japan follows through with his plans, according to one

DoCoMo–Japan’s Wireless Tsunami

“DoCoMo–Japan’s Wireless Tsunami” by John C. Beck, Mitchell E. Wade On (no referrals) Boston Globe book review Haven’t read it yet. Sounds interesting.

Training owls

Reuters – Harry Potter Is Movie Pinnacle for Owl Trainer Asked to single out his greatest achievement, he said “Getting the owls to retrieve stuff, pick it up and carry it. It has never been done before. Everybody thought we

Bali bombing personalized

Many of you know that I spend a good deal of time at, a community weblog run by Matt Haughey. Recently, after the news of the Bali nightclub bombing broke, one of the prominent members of Metafilter, Chris Kovacs

Learning to ride motorcycles

NY Times: The Second Time Around Turns Out to Be Harder By far the most mysterious instruction had to do with countersteering. Only physicists and engineers really understand how and why this works, but it does. At normal speeds (when