Month: October 2002


I’ll be attending what looks to be a very interesting evening with the Global Business Network including Clay Shirky (whom I know via Jerry Michalski), JC Herz (author of “Joystick Nation” etc.), and Jaron Lanier. Report to come on Thurs.

Banking in Japan

I do apologize for those of you who don’t care too much about the situation in Japan with their banks and the bad loans. It seems as if there’s been a focus on this in my weblog recently. Part of

Takenaka vs. the bankers

Japan Digest: Latest Takenaka Session With Bankers Bruised a Lot of Egos Economy Minister Takenaka’s Monday session with Japanese bankers (Digest, 10/28) left bruised egos all around, Nihon Keizai said. It was governed by “an atmosphere of hostility,” in which

Kevin Kelly “Asia Grace”

Kevin Kelly, ex-founder/editor of Wired Magazine, has a new book coming out from Taschen called “Asia Grace” that looks to be awesome. The production notes are extensive and very educational. This book took thirty years to make; I began shooting

Kevin Werbach on decentralization

Tech’s big challenge: Decentralization Because decentralization inherently breaks down boundaries, it cuts across familiar industry categories. It’s everywhere you look…but that makes it easy to miss. Some of the smartest software executives I know aren’t aware of the revolutionary potential