Open Spectrum in the news

Open Spectrum, the idea that new technology and software can allow for a much broader use of the current airwaves, is a rising tech meme.
USA Today – Powell takes path to free up airwaves
Seattle Times – Open-spectrum advocates say it will boost technology
The core of this idea [that is open spectrum] is the belief that, if the rules are tweaked the right way, technology companies in the next five years will have brought to market the equipment that will make the notion of electromagnetic-spectrum scarcity, a fundamental issue of telecom economics, seem quaint.
Equipment makers would create devices that would intelligently navigate through the congested airwaves Û the so-called spectrum Û to avoid virtual traffic jams and allow everyone from broadcasters to kids with handheld devices to use the spectrum. Consumers and tinkerers could come up with their own ideas for new applications that would run on these devices, much as they have on the Internet. In turn, the growing number of applications and tools would drive equipment demand, fostering growth of this wireless version of the Internet.

This one is a great overview.