Learning to ride motorcycles

NY Times: The Second Time Around Turns Out to Be Harder
By far the most mysterious instruction had to do with countersteering. Only physicists and engineers really understand how and why this works, but it does. At normal speeds (when putting your foot down in a bad turn would be disastrous), you start a left turn by pushing the left handlebar and a right turn by pushing the right handlebar. You don’t actually turn the wheel, as you would at slow speeds, but you press (don’t shove or jerk) the handlebars away from the turn. A result is that the bike and rider lean into the turn.
I did the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s course back in 1992 in New Hampshire at college and it is definitely the best way to learn how to ride. I highly recommend it. Come to think of it, I took the Experienced Riders Course in Hollywood in 1998 too.

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  1. I am terrified of riding a motorcycle. as a public service to all the motorists on the road in socal, I will limit myself to 4-wheels. speaking of which, why the hell does the 2003 4Runner look like a pathfinder?