Bali bombing personalized

Many of you know that I spend a good deal of time at, a community weblog run by Matt Haughey.
Recently, after the news of the Bali nightclub bombing broke, one of the prominent members of Metafilter, Chris Kovacs (a.k.a. stavrosthewonderchicken) found out that one of his best friends, Rick Gleason, was injured in the act of terrorism. Chris used his weblog,, to collect information about the bombing and his friend Rick, for all of Ricks friends and family worldwide.
Sadly, Rick has passed away due to his injuries.
Please take a moment to visit Chris’s weblog and learn a bit about Chris’ friend Rick as well as about the bombing and the relief efforts. Some people complain about the impersonality of computers but I do think that Chris’ efforts have personalized this event for all of us.