Month: October 2002

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! (thanks to Alex for the image)

“Blueprint For Japan 2020”

One of the positive signs I’ve seen recently is the work that Joi Ito is doing via the World Economic Forum for “Blueprint For Japan 2020.” I’m encouraged because I think that Joi will be a positive voice for the

Lies about the war; Lies about the economy

NY Times – At a Military Museum, the Losers Write History “The official postwar pacifism that reigns today is tied to an understanding of a stupid, feckless militarism, which ended in hellfire and defeat,” said Louise Young, author of “Japan’s

Open Spectrum in the news

Open Spectrum, the idea that new technology and software can allow for a much broader use of the current airwaves, is a rising tech meme. USA Today – Powell takes path to free up airwaves Seattle Times – Open-spectrum advocates

Japan birthrate keeps falling

From Japan Digest: University Disputes Government’s Rosy Claim That Birthrate Will Rise Japan’s birthrate is likely to keep falling for the foreseeable future, reaching 1.24 children per woman per lifetime by 2017, the Nihon University Population Research Institute said. The