Month: September 2002

Doug Hayashi’s “The Pyramid of Speed”

February 2002 The Pyramid of Speed (excerpt from Chapter 78) “Listen here cone-dodger, why don’t you save it and post your racing resume on Maybe there’s a Wal-Mart manager somewhere who’ll need you to drive the golf-kart for parking


THE DEMON IN THE FREEZER Most people today have no immunity to smallpox. The vaccine begins to wear off in many people after ten years. Mass vaccination for smallpox came to a worldwide halt around twenty-five years ago. There is

The Rise of the Asian Superjocks

Slate: The Rise of the Asian Superjocks The fastest man in Major League Baseball is Asian. The most eagerly anticipated NBA rookie in years? Asian. The world’s greatest golfer, the quickest pro hockey player, the most precocious relief ace? Asian,

viking kittens

Viking kittens, self-explanatory

Japan, inept

NY Times: U.S. Says Japan Must Make Bolder Economic Changes Japan, the world’s second-largest economy, remains bogged down by tepid growth, deflation, a deeply depressed stock market and a bank system burdened by hundreds of billions of dollars in problem