Month: August 2002

who cares anymore?

NY Times: Growth Up in Japan in Quarter, but Pace Already Seems to Fade The economy’s tepid performance has been made worse by falling prices, which erode profits and make debts more burdensome. Five years of deflation have highlighted what

The map of greed & deception

Cartoonist & commentator Mark Poyser has a great map of the mess that is Wall Street in this day and age…

Fine Terrain for Scorpions and Artists

NY Times on Joshua Tree, California… The new pilgrims, many of them commuters from Los Angeles and New York, include the artist Ed Ruscha, who has a house near Pioneer Town, a stage set for westerns with its own O.K.

Cory Doctorow’s “0wnz0red”

Salon: “0wnz0red” “But your meat, it’s not under your control. You know you have to exercise for 20 minutes before you start burning any fat at all? In other words, the first twenty minutes are just a goddamned waste of

Japanese Food in NYC

Eric Eto posted a nice list of Japanese restaurants in NYC to Chowhound recently. The list is copied to my post inside for safekeeping 🙂