Japanese marriage

NYT: For More Japanese, Love Is a Multiethnic Thing
“Already there are over 200 international marriage agencies in Japan, and at least 107 of those specialize in Chinese introductions,” said Mr. Kogure, who has brought together 10 couples in the last 18 months. “Ten years ago, Korean women were very popular here, but Korea has become much stronger economically, so they aren’t so interested in Japanese men anymore. These days it is Chinese people who cause Japanese to dream.”
International marriage began to grow in the 80’s in response to the emptying of the countryside as Japan became increasingly affluent. Rice farmers, unable to find Japanese brides, started marrying women from poorer Asian countries, particularly the Philippines.

Many Japanese women marry outside of the country, typically when studying or working in the United States or Europe. Although no official statistics are kept on such marriages, many of those women are thought to live permanently outside Japan.

This is totally obvious, of course, but also pretty interesting. You have on one hand the slow but steady diversification of the Japanese monoculture by international marriages within Japan. Then of course there’s the slow but steady march of Japanese (women, primarily) moving out of Japan marrying foreigners and living outside of Japan. Both, I think are healthy for the diversification that Japan desperately needs for it’s future. The slow movement of parts of the population to other countries, espcially within the aging of the Japanese population, should also make for some interesting futures if one plots those trends out 30-50 years.
I, for one, hope that this will help to curb the inter-Asian racism that runs rampant within that part of the world.