Month: July 2002

Japanese marriage

NYT: For More Japanese, Love Is a Multiethnic Thing “Already there are over 200 international marriage agencies in Japan, and at least 107 of those specialize in Chinese introductions,” said Mr. Kogure, who has brought together 10 couples in the

In Japan, Cute Conquers All

This looks mildly interesting… * * * * * MSNBC: Feds get tough with ex-ImClone exec Federal prosecutors are playing hardball in plea negotiations with former ImClone Systems Inc. Chief Executive Samuel Waksal, demanding that he serve between seven

Japanese clubs in NYC

NY Times- New York Region: Not Quite Sex and the City Surrounded by brash New York, Japanese men and young women gather in secretive clubs for rituals that echo home, and only go so far. It would be interesting to

suicide of Gene Kan

SJ Merc: Life of highs and lows ends in suicide for Net visionary So sad. Sure, it’s only one of many suicides a day, but I read many emails from Gene Kan on the Pho list and so I have

Lipovitan D

NY Times: Japanese Energy Drink Is in Need of a Boost In 1977, Taisho started one of Japan’s longest running advertising campaigns. In 15-second skit commercials that have become institutions on television, two male athletes tumble through hair-raising outdoor adventures