Mr. Rogers at Dartmouth

ABCNews: Mr. Rogers Causes Stir at Dartmouth
“It’s like Barney the dinosaur speaking at our graduation,” said history major Michael Weiss. “We’re 22 years old and we’re getting lectured by a guy who plays with puppets for a living.”
Dartmouth seniors obviously haven’t gotten out into the REAL WORLD and therefore can’t appreciate that Fred Rogers is a much better role model than corrupt corporate CEOs, dysfunctional government leaders, as well as some of the past Dartmouth commencement speakers.
No one is perfect, but a man who spent his lifetime educating children all over the world, including probably the majority of Dartmouth students, is a man to be awed by and honored with respect and deference. Albright, Reich, Mitchell, Clinton, all have their skeletons and negatives. What can you say bad about Fred Rogers? He’s only done good for parents and children.
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NYT: Editorial/Op-Ed – Anita Hill on “Insider Women With Outsider Values”
I think the increase in the number of women in positions of prominence, coupled with the tension that can develop between insider status and outsider values, brings us to this point. A similar phenomenon is at work when women and men complain about discrimination in the workplace. And like those who have had to challenge workplace bias, Ms. Rowley and Ms. Watkins differed from their superiors in their notions of appropriate institutional conduct. Similarly, Ms. Rowley and Ms. Watkins ultimately found that their chances for bringing change to their workplaces existed only outside those workplaces.