A Rift Among Bloggers

NYTimes: A Rift Among Bloggers
“The Weblog world before Sept. 11 was mostly inward-looking Û mostly tech people talking about tech things,” said Glenn Reynolds, a law professor at the University of Tennessee who publishes, a popular site in the war blog camp that attracts about 19,000 readers on weekdays. “After 9/11 we got a whole generation of Weblogs that were outward-looking” and written for a general audience, he said.
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JapanToday: Man killed by umbrella for not using honorifics
This is absolutely, horrifically idiotic.
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NYTimes: 2 Tinkerers Say They’ve Found a Cheap Way to Broadband
Their secret weapon is a technology known as a “software-designed radio,” which has permitted them to create an inexpensive repeater antenna that can be attached to the outside of a customer’s home. The device, which the Etherlinx executives said they believe can be built in quantity for less than $150 each, would communicate with a central antenna and then convert the signals into the industry-standard Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity, signal for reception inside the home.