The Sound of the Cosmos

Jamie sent me news about a new 3CD mix set from Tom Middleton “The Sound of the Cosmos” on Hooj Choons and I finally tracked it down today.
Tom says: ‘I’m thrilled that Hooj are releasing my ambitious eclectic triple CD selection…I couldn’t bare to leave off so many beautiful tracks or edit them down to a single CD, so take your pick from Deep, Electro, Breakstep – key mixed Soulful, Sexy, Jazz, House – or the lovers guide to Chillout. With this comp you can have it large with your mates in the frontroom, small with your parents in the kitchen, then have it off with your lover in the bedroom. It’s music for life with a feel good factor turned up to 11.’
It is phenomenal! Tom is one of my favorite DJs/producers of all time and was the one who introduced me to deep house with his phenomenal mix CD on Mixer “A Jedi’s Night Out”. He’s a BBC radio DJ among other things, and I’d love a chance to hear him spin live someday.
Here’s me lavishing praise on Tom a few years ago on the acid-jazz mailing list 😉
* * * * *
NYT: How to Lose $850 Million Û and Not Really Care
Lenk says he made $982,000 in four years at eToys, including a ”stay incentive” near the end intended to keep top management in place and make the company more attractive for sale. That’s less than he figures he would have made at Disney or elsewhere in corporate America. For six months after the I.P.O., he and other inside investors were prohibited by the underwriting agreement with Goldman, Sachs from selling. After that, Lenk twice entered into agreements to secure more money for the company that locked him up again.
Sounds like one of the few who didn’t loose sight of reality even in the midst of the madness.
* * * * *
Nobel prize-winning economist (ex-World Bank and Clinton cabinet; current Columbia professor) Joseph Stiglitz has a new book out that I want to check out.
NYT Book review: An Ivory Tower Embrace of Views in the Streets
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