Month: May 2002

Dogs and Demons – Alex Kerr

Tim Clark, Strategy Director of ION Global (a Japanese tech consultancy) on Japan and Alex Kerr’s book “Dogs & Demons” Reprinted without permission from the Japan Internet Report, Spring 2002 Japan’s long, slow decline At the most basic level, what

map of LAX

Real-time java-based map of LAX * * * * * Amazing Russian manga-style artist.

Pink Hello Kitty Laptop

Pink Hello Kitty Laptop Examine the actual original, the Hello Kitty laptop produced by Fujitsu on the web. Decide you can’t buy it for intended recipient, but you might be able to recreate it. Go to FAO Schwartz for assorted

Cute, Inc.

Wired: Cute Inc. Dec. 1999 I have asked Yamaguchi why so many cute Japanese characters have no mouth. At Sanrio alone, the muted legions include Hello Kitty, Pochacco, Cathy the bunny, Nutz, Chococat, and Cookie-Bau. Might this fit in with

video game Engrish

THE TOP 100 VIDEO GAME ENGRISH OF ALL TIME * * * * * LAT: Mother Love and the Bento Box As time went on, I reacquired my taste for Japanese food. I would find out what other people had