Month: April 2002

Japan, Amazon, FTTH, keitai

AP: Four Japanese companies to combine Internet provider business Bringing together the Net-services businesses of NEC Corp., Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., KDDI Corp. and Japan Telecom Co. will bring together 10 million subscribers, surpassing Fujitsu’s @nifty service with about 5

Japan Braces for a ‘Designed in China’ World

NYT: Like ‘Dilbert,’ but Subversive and Online Mr. Rees, a graduate of Oberlin College, is a bystander to the rat race and, for all his intended political commentary, the strip is most incisive about the sinkhole of cubicle culture. The

Abercrombie pulls ‘racist’ Asian theme T-shirts

Wired: Carnivore’s New Leash on Life? The Dartmouth: College ‘Net security gets $1.5M * * * * * CNN: Abercrombie pulls ‘racist’ Asian theme T-shirts ABERCROMBIE & GLITCH: Asian Americans rip retailer for stereotypes on T-shirts “We personally thought Asians

A pie in the face of the Catholic hierarchy

Wow. I don’t even know where to begin with this one…very strange, but cool. * * * * * Salon: A pie in the face of the Catholic hierarchy Still, the fact that Catholic women of today can make valuable

Japanese Tourists in Bethlehem

AP: Japanese Tourists in Bethlehem Japanese tourists Yuji Nakano, left, and Mina Takahashi sit in the destroyed town square of Bethlehem’s Old City Wednesday April 17, 2002. The two tourists, from Tokyo, say they arrived in Bethlehem on part of