National TV-turnoff Week

YES!! LATimes covers National TV-turnoff Week.
Inspired by National TV-Turnoff Week last week, the Chastangs of Eagle Rock boldly went where many parents dream of, but few ever go. They pulled the plug on their household’s four television sets, which range from a 6-inch portable to the 25-inch set in their living room. And for good measure, they banned videos, computer games and Internet surfing as well.
They didn’t do it for money, prizes or fame. They did it to remind themselves there’s a life of the mind, a life with each other, a life outside the box.

By Monday morning, when the week of TV deprivation officially ends, there’s something of a surprise. The TV remains off.
“This was wonderful; we are so grateful we did this,” Catherine says. “Having the television off stretches you and makes you reach within yourself. We really have to consider if we want to invite that invader back into our house,” she says.

I’ve been living without a TV since last summer and it’s been great. I get all the news I need from the radio or the internet and while I plan to eventually get a TV for watching movies, I’m happy with the status quo for the moment.