The Bears on This Message Board Had Enron Pegged

NYT: The Bears on This Message Board Had Enron Pegged
On April 12, 2001, with the stock at $57.30, one message predicted that Enron would soon be revealed as a house of cards. “The Enron executives have been operating an elaborate con scheme that has fooled even the most sophisticated analysts,” the message said. “The first sign of trouble will be an earnings shortfall followed by more warnings. Criminal charges will be brought against ENE executives for their misdeeds. Class action lawsuits will complete the demise of ENE.”
But messages posted even earlier also indicated trouble ahead. On March 1, 2000, with the stock at $69, a participant wrote: “Dig deep behind the Enron financials and you’ll see a growing mountain of off-balance-sheet debt which will eventually swallow this company. There’s a reason they layer so many subsidiaries and affiliates. Be careful.”