Month: April 2002

National TV-turnoff Week

YES!! LATimes covers National TV-turnoff Week. Inspired by National TV-Turnoff Week last week, the Chastangs of Eagle Rock boldly went where many parents dream of, but few ever go. They pulled the plug on their household’s four television sets, which

The Bears on This Message Board Had Enron Pegged

NYT: The Bears on This Message Board Had Enron Pegged On April 12, 2001, with the stock at $57.30, one message predicted that Enron would soon be revealed as a house of cards. “The Enron executives have been operating an

X-Box was code-named ‘Midway’

Kelly Osborne’s dating advice…do you really want your young daughters getting their advice from Kelly? * * * * * Slate: Get It Straight The hypocrisy of blaming gays for sexual abuse by priests. Now the bishops, the cardinals, and

Wildlands Conservancy

AP Top Photos: Congressional testimony in favor of music education in public schools. * * * * * LAT: A Quiet Broker of the Wild Then, in a series of transactions beginning in 1998, the organization came up with $35

Robert Young Pelton

Salon: Interview with Robert Young Pelton The thing that’s important to understand is that the American government knows about as much as the American people know about how to prosecute this war, which is nothing. We’re learning day by day