Interview with Harry Shearer

Salon: Interview with Harry Shearer
It’s this weird cycle. It’s hard to remember back to the beginning of the ’90s, oddly enough, when everybody was sort of shaking themselves like wet dogs after the go-go cycle of the ’80s. The materialist, greed-is-good, Michael Milken-fueled ’80s saying, “Whew, we’re not going to do that again.” Then within three years, we did it all again, so much bigger and so much grander, at the loss of so much more money to so many more people.
It just makes you kind of tremble at the thought of what lies ahead for us two years from now, when we’ve kind of shaken this off and gone, “Whew, we’re not going to do that again.” I think the four least believable words in American public life are, “once and for all.” When you hear a politician say, “once and for all,” you know he’s lying. It’s going to happen again.

I love Shearer’s “Le Show” on KCRW in Los Angeles- great, great radio.
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NYT: Outrage Is Rising as Options Turn to Dust
Rather than provide investment advice to the WorldCom workers based upon each one’s circumstances or appetite for risk, the dozen or so brokers in the office seemed to push as many clients as they could to use the same strategy: exercise their options, hold onto the WorldCom shares and borrow from Salomon to pay the costs of the transactions and the taxes that were generated. That not only put the clients at substantial risk if Worldcom shares declined but also, because of Salomon’s compensation system, generated big fees to the brokers who recommended them.
I bank with this company. I feel like I can’t trust them and yet you have to be in the system to benefit from it.