Joe Masters, 22, a senior English and math major at Williams College has created “EphPod,” (named for “Ephs”, the school’s mascot) which offers much of the same functionality as XPlay.
While XPlay has gone through five public releases, EphPod has had at least 17, each adding a few new features and tweaks to make the PC-iPod relationship a little smoother.
“It seems to be working pretty well for most people, so I haven’t had to fix many bugs lately,” Masters said in an e-mail interview.
Masters said his reason for developing EphPod was simple — he was given an iPod for Christmas but does not have a Macintosh, so he decided to solve the problem himself.

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I’m convinced that horrific stories like this point to two facts: guns are a significant factor in the ease of multiple murders like this and that policemen are often seriously disturbed people.
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The Man Who Paid the Price for Sizing Up Enron
Enron executives pressed UBS PaineWebber to take action against a broker who advised some Enron employees to sell their shares in August and was fired by the brokerage firm within hours of the complaint, according to e-mail messages released today by Congressional investigators.
The broker, Chung Wu, of PaineWebber’s Houston office, sent a message to clients early on Aug. 21 warning that Enron’s “financial situation is deteriorating” and that they should “take some money off the table.”
That afternoon, an Enron executive in charge of its stock option program sent a stern message to PaineWebber executives, including the Houston branch office manager. “Please handle this situation,” the newly released message stated. “This is extremely disturbing to me.”
PaineWebber fired Mr. Wu less than three hours later.

If Wu isn’t suing his previous employer for wrongful termination…frankly this kind of behavior (the management’s behavior) is deeply embedded in Wall Street’s psyche. You can’t, as an individual investor, use the system without being a part of the problem.