Month: March 2002

Interview with Harry Shearer

Salon: Interview with Harry Shearer It’s this weird cycle. It’s hard to remember back to the beginning of the ’90s, oddly enough, when everybody was sort of shaking themselves like wet dogs after the go-go cycle of the ’80s. The

Japan deflation

NYT: Once Again, Japan’s Fix Is Short Prices have fallen for three years in the worst bout of deflation since the Great Depression. Profits have eroded, and companies are having a harder time repaying their debts, swelling the amount of

Jeffrey Goldberg on Iraq

New Yorker: The Great Terror – In northern Iraq, there is new evidence of Saddam Hussein’s genocidal war on the Kurds├Ťand of his possible ties to Al Qaeda. Gosden believes it is quite possible that the countries of the West

Joe Masters, 22, a senior English and math major at Williams College has created “EphPod,” (named for “Ephs”, the school’s mascot) which offers much of the same functionality as XPlay. While XPlay has gone through five public releases, EphPod has

Dan Gillmor: Bleak future looms if you don’t take a stand This is a quiz about your future. It’s about how you view some basic elements of the emerging Digital Age. 1. Do you care if a few giant companies