Month: February 2002

Suspects in Dartmouth Killings Accused of Targeting Others HAVERHILL, N.H. (AP) — The teens accused of stabbing two Dartmouth College professors to death talked their way into the couple’s home and killed them in a plot to steal their ATM … Read More »

Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXOXOXO * * * * * cheese racing? Don’t ask, just click 😉

Borowitz Report: U.S. CONSIDERS MILITARY ACTION TO REMOVE SKATING JUDGES President Issues Ultimatum to ÎAxis of CheatersÌ Reacting to the outrageous awarding of the Olympic gold medal to a pair of Russian figure skaters over a more deserving Canadian pair … Read More »

Eve Andersson on the downfall of Arsdigita. The technical and managerial incompetence of the VCs and those they hired drove the company into the ground. All but 10 of the 240 employees were fired, laid off, or quit. All of … Read More »

More food! Must go… fried dumplings (like gyoza) at 99 Allen My question on the best Cuban sandwiches in NYC came with a bunch of good replies. * * * * * ArsDigita closes shop, sells assets to Red Hat … Read More »