He has been recalling himself as a younger bird, trying to understand what brought him to this spot in life. He cringes when he thinks of how seriously he took himself when he was younger. After his first molting he became admired for his ability to carry a mating song, a watch-out-cat song, a back-away-from-the-nest song. But he looked down his beak at the more popular forms and even began to read John Cage. He read Silence many times, in a bird-sized edition, carrying it around under his wing with the spine out so that the other birds would be impressed. He once flew into the rafters of a performance of Four Walls and when the soprano sang about a nightingale tiny tears fell from his eyesx and sopped his feathers.
Ftrain.com is AMAZING…
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well at leat I “meow”…er…that isn’t great consolation 😉
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Overview article on Geoghan and his evil ilk.
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Atlantic on the kids who killed the two professors from Dartmouth.
That an explosion in serious juvenile crime has occurred in Vermont is undeniable. Data gathered by the Vermont Department of Corrections in 1999 revealed that the number of jail inmates aged sixteen to twenty-one had jumped by more than 77 percent in three years.
I have issues with this article, but it’s still worth your time.
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NYT on Tokyo fashion maniacs
Tokyo is the capital of fashion because, from the cheapest pair of jeans to the most overpriced, misunderstood designer masterpiece, it inspires otaku in the population. Otaku is the best word to learn first before going to Tokyo. Otaku was once a derogatory term used to describe someone who is so consumed by a subject that he risks becoming a shut-in. But now otaku means ”deep passion.” About anything.