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NYT: Enlisting Ice as an Ally of Skiers and Aircraft
Victor F. Petrenko, a professor at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, proposes using the electrical principle that makes ice so difficult to remove from sidewalks to create electronic brakes to slow skiers or snowboarders automatically before they get into trouble. The technology can also be used to improve the grip of snow tires or, when applied in reverse, cause ice to burst off windshields, road surfaces or airplane wings at the push of a button.

Ice is one of the unusual semiconductors in which electrical charges are conducted by moving protons instead of electrons. It was that property of ice that particularly intrigued Dr. Petrenko.
“I thought that if you exchange very light particles such as electrons with protons, it must have some significant consequences,” he said. “It seemed that if we could somehow change the electrical properties of ice, we should be able to change its mechanical properties Û and vice versa.”

Dr. Petrenko found that the electrical charge on the surface of ice, including snow crystals, creates an opposite electrical charge on the surface of anything the ice contacts. Those opposite charges attract, forming an electrical bond. By varying the electrical charge, he discovered, it is possible to increase or decrease the strength of the bond. “One theory is that ice is pulled into regions where the electrical field is strong,” he said. “The ice tries to fill the void.”

Go Dartmouth!
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Not a good day for organized religion….
NYT: Former Priest Sentenced for Molestation
Geoghan, 66, was convicted of indecent assault and battery last month in the first of three criminal cases against him. He could be eligible for parole in six years, and the judge ordered strict monitoring after any later release.
Since 1995, more than 130 people have claimed Geoghan fondled or raped them during the three decades he served in Boston-area parishes. He also is named in more than 80 civil suits.

NYT: Cantor at Temple Emanu-El Is Accused of Molesting Nephew
The affidavit goes much further, though, in meticulously describing a pattern of violent sexual abuse in two generations of the family. It said both Lawrence Nevison, 55, and the boy’s father, Henry Nevison, 47, told the police that their older brother Howard had sexually abused them as children. Henry Nevison said he became willing to report the incidents only after his son revealed his own abuse. And the cousin convicted in the abuse, Stewart Nevison, said he himself had been sexually abused by his father, Lawrence, according to the affidavit.