Month: January 2002

And to think I wanted to work for these jokers at one time 😉 It has been clear for more than a year that the dot-com boom is over, and yet privately held Idealab continued to pour millions of dollars

NYTimes: Japan Slows Down, but Not Its Road Builders Highway construction here once enjoyed wide popular support as a way to spread Tokyo’s wealth and to reduce rural isolation and poverty in this California-sized nation. But in recent years, road

Cole Bartiromo

Stuff like this story of a 17 YO internet fraudster who bilked $1M out of thousands of investers continue to amaze me. Who is naiive enough to send money to random companies/people on the web? How many suckers are born

Dave Barry on Windows XP

I went to my second i-Club event on Saturday, the Queens Meet #8. It was cold out but I bundled up with long underwear and kept pretty warm. More Queens Meet 8 pics here and here. My car is the

Happy New Year 2002!

Happy New Year! I had a quiet Xmas in Connecticut with family and friends and a phenomenal New Year’s down in Miami. oh no…4000 DPI scanner from Nikon Steve’s Digicam review Imaging-Resource review uh oh…5 megapixel Nikon digital camera… imaging-resource