And to think I wanted to work for these jokers at one time 😉
It has been clear for more than a year that the dot-com boom is over, and yet privately held Idealab continued to pour millions of dollars into new start-ups that have little hope of success, Miller said. If Gross and his cohorts really had the best interests of the investors at heart, they would wind down the incubator and return the remaining cash, he said.
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Here’s more unintelligible US foreign policy at work: at the end of a good Slate article on the ’93 Mogadishu debacle, and to me it’s nothing but a horror of mistake after mistake, there’s this…
American soldiers may soon be back in Somalia, if they’re not there already, in pursuit of al Qaida. Couldn’t this have legitimately been used to promote the film? Sure. The only trouble is that our most likely ally in the anti-terror fight will be Hussein Aideed, leader of the Habr Gidr clan and son of the “Hitler-like” villain in Black Hawk Down. No wonder the film’s promoters chose not to play up the post-9/11 “return to Somalia” angle.